The Swan is the official Nordic Ecolabel, introduced by the Nordic Council of Ministers. Nordic Ecolabelling has the comission to promote a more sustainable consumerism with the goal of creating a sustainable society.
This is done by a voluntary license system where the applicant agrees to follow a certain criteria set outlined by the Nordic Ecolabelling in cooperation with stakeholders. These criteria include environmental, quality and health arguments. The ctiteria levels promote products and services belonging to the most environmentally sound and take into accoutn factors such as free trade and proportionality (cost vs. benefits).

The Nordic Ecolabel now covers around 70 different product groups, for which it is felt that ecolabelling is needed and will be beneficial. These days, everything from washing-up liquid to furniture and hotels can carry the Swan label.

See further information on the Environment Agencie's website or in English on the Nordic Ecolabel website.

March 23, 2011
Finnur Sveinsson
Finnur Sveinsson „Svanurinn“, Náttú March 23, 2011 URL: [Skoðað:Jan. 30, 2023]
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