Eiríksstaðir Haukadalur
371 Búðardalur


On the Green Map:

Cultural Site

Here you can see all cultural sites in Iceland. These contribute to the country's environment and sense of place in many important ways. Noninstitutional resources, monuments and places, even temporary events may be included.

Traditional Way of Life

May be indigenous, pioneer or migrated peoples' traditions. Might not be assimilated into prevailing culture. May be resources for learning about or visiting people living in traditional, more selfsufficient ways.

Cultural Performance

A live performance site where music, dance and/or theatre pieces are performed.

Traditional Turfhouse

Traditional Icelandic houses made of turf, grass and rocks and reconstructions based on archaeo- logical research.

Historical Feature

Edifice, institution, monument or unmarked historical area with special significance to the urban environment, the nation or sense of place.