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On the Green Map:

Local Food

Food is grown locally and processed locally. If processed it is either sold locally or domestically. Not neccesarily organic.

Local Business

Innovative local businesses that use natural resources and eco-friendly/self-sustaining methods of production.

Open Farm

Open Farms offer the opportunity to learn about the environment, farm's activities and farm animals.

Art Spot

Places of art and culture all over the country.

Certifications. Labels and Awards:

Straight from the farm

Straight from the farm is a project that deals with enabling farmers to sell their own produce straight from the farm. The aim of the project was to develop a mark and supply farmers with the neccesary information to take the first steps to direct-sale of their products. Also to inform the general public and the farmers through the projects website. The founders of the project were; Hólar University College, Living Agriculture, Farmers Travel Services, The Agricultural University of Iceland,  The Farmers Association of Iceland and Innovation Centre Iceland.

The organisation ´Straight from the farm - Association of local producers' (Beint frá býli - félag heimavinnsluaðila) was foundet early in the year 2008.

Northeast Iceland Culinary Experience - Local food

For Northeast Iceland, the tourism industry and local food producers have an opportunity to take advantage of the cultural heritage of the region to define a shared vision for product development and marketing linked to local food and food production. After initiative and preparation by Atthing, a group of local companies have formed a cluster around local food, the “Northeast Iceland Culinary Experience (NICE)“.