Nepali journalist and writer Kunda Dixit will give two lectures at the University of Iceland, on Thursday, 11 November and on Friday, 12 November 2010. The lecture is hosted by EDDA – Center of Excellence and GET – The Gender Equality Training Programme at the University of Iceland.

Thursday, 11. November, at 16.30, Háskólatorg, room 105:

Himalayan Meltdown

Nepali journalist and writer Kunda Dixit speaks about how climate change is affecting the Himalayas, melt­ ing Asia’s water towers. Using photographs from Nepal, we see how the mountains are losing their per­ mafrost at a rate said to be three times faster than the rest of the world. How is this affecting Nepal and the region? How can poor countries cope with a problem they had no hand in creating? How is the media covering this crisis?

Chair: Guðmundur Páll Ólafsson, natural scientist and author.

Friday, 12. November, at 15.00, Árnagarði, room 311:

Journalism in Times of Crisis

In his second lecture, Kunda Dixit will speak about reporting in times of conflict and crisis. Kunda Dixit is a Nepali editor and publisher of the Nepali Times weekly newspaper in Kathmandu. He is a graduate of Colum­ bia University in New York and started out as a reporter for BBC Radio at the United Nations Headquarters. He later helped set up the Inter Press Service Network in the Asia­Pacific and established the Panos Institute South Asia. He returned to his native Nepal in 1997 to launch the publishing house, Himalmedia. He is the author of the journalism text book, Dateline Earth: Journalism As If the Planter Mattered as well as the tril­ ogy on the Nepal conflict: A People War, Never Again and People After War. He is visiting faculty member in the Department of Media at Kathmandu University.

Chair: Jón Guðni Kristjánsson, news reporter.

Read more in the Nepali Times.

and the Himal Southasian.

Photo from Nepali Times. Meltdowvn: Imja Tso below the south wall of Lhotse, with Ama Dablam beyond, is now 2 km long. There was no lake here 40 years ago.

Nov. 8, 2010
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