Weather forecast for Iceland, Monday 7 December 2015
Rapidly increasing wind and decreasing frost, first in the southern part of Iceland. East 20-25 m/s and snow in the southern part tomorrow afternoon. Widely violent storm or hurricane-force winds (25-35 m/s) in the evening with sleet or snow. Temperature around freezing point tomorrow evening, but up to 5 deg. C. at the south coast.

Violent storm or hurricane-force winds are expected throughout most of the country tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. The magnitude of the approaching storm is so great that such conditions occur only every 10 to 20 years. Follow us on get updates from the Met Office,,  the road authorities the Civil Protection an Emergency Management

Further information: 
Hurricane-force winds will develop in the south and south-east from 15:00 onwards on Monday. After 19:00 it is expected that the violent storm will affect the entire country. Significant snowfall will accompany the beginning of the storm, resulting in blowing snow and little to no visibility. By late tomorrow evening warmer conditions will affect the south and south-east of the country, where heavy sleet or rainfall will occur until early on Wednesday. According to the latest forecast, the oncoming violent storm will be far more severe than storms in recent days.


Figure 1: Wind forecast for 7 December at 21:00 UTC. Red, yellow and pink colours show the most hazardous winds. This forecast is run by IMO with the Harmonie high resolution model. The forecast is updated every six hours and it is available on the following website:

Dec. 6, 2015
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