All kids can paint and draw. Even if some might find their pictures inperfect, all kids have a flair for colours and a sense of beauty that can be nourished and cultivated. Playing with paints is also a great way of expressing oneself and having fun.

There are many kinds of crayons, pastels and colours that kids can use. The variety of colours on the market is almost endless. It’s important to choose crayons for the youngest kids that can be put in the mouth because with toddlers almost everything is examined in that way. However as kids grow older they can be trusted with more advanced colours, and more complex techniques. Take care, however, not to buy colours for kids that contain any toxic chemicals.

Kids can use watercolours and acrylic colours which mix with water but beware of oil colours because the terpentine fumes are a serious health hazard. Also if you let your kids draw pencil drawings or charcoal drawings and you have to use a fixative to stabilize it, take care to use the fixative yourself as an adult, and only use fixatives and oil colours in a very well ventilated space or outdoors. Never put spray-cans with strong colours, fixatives or strong glues in the hands of children or teenagers.

If your child likes to draw, there are courses in drawing and painting that can be enormous fun both for kids and parents. A sketchpad is also a good idea so that the child can draw sketches anywhere, anytime.

June 25, 2007
Guðrún Arndís Tryggvadóttir „Ritföng og litir“, Náttú June 25, 2007 URL: [Skoðað:July 24, 2024]
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