The Nature-market here on now offers two products from the company Urtasmiðjan on Svalbarðsströnd in Eyjafjörður Northern Iceland. Urtasmiðjan recently received certification proofing that the Icelandic herbs used in the production are harvested in a sustainable way in areas in organic adaptation. Amongst the herbs are Crane´s bill, Wild thyme, Yarrow and Angelica archangelica.

See the Icelandic Healing Balm  and the Softening Foot Balm on the Nature-market. If you are shopping for the first time here on the web check and see how the exciting Nature-market works.

The entrepreneur Gígja Kjartansdóttir Kvam has been working on the establishment of the company Urtasmiðjan along with her family for the last 19 years. Urtasmiðjan produces skin products under the label “Sóla“, - wonderous cosmetics made from Icelandic herbs and other entirely natural ingredients. The production is based on ancient traditions and valuable historical knowledge about the benefits and uses of health promoting herbs, as well as being based on modern research on the actual health effects of the herbs themselves.

The herbs are hand-picked in the pristine northern part of Iceland´s subarctic nature, where the herbs grow wild in the naturally pure and remarkably unpolluted natural environment. Foreign herbs used in the production process are all organically grown and have international organic certification.

Urtasmiðjan only uses pure natural and organic ingredients for it´s production such as  unbleached beewax, shear butter, coconut oil, organic corn and sojawax, herbal oils, Omega 3, 6 and 9 oils rich of polysaturated fatty acids such as, Evening primrose-, Roseberry- and Sea Buckthorn oil. Herb extracts, essence, antioxidants and preservatives are all made from herbs, roots and kernels. These are ingredients which are also used in organic and natural food production. 

The products do not contain any undesirable chemicals such as paraben, colorants, perfumes, or chemicals made from oil – petrolatum, parafin, vaselin or any kinds of animal products.

No testing has been conducted on animals during design and production of the product. The production takes place manually from the beginning and right up to the end.

The products of Urtasmiðjan are not medicinal products. They are 100% natural and organic health products/cosmetics made from organic and wild herbs from the remarkably unpolluted nature of northern Iceland. See Urtasmiðjan here on the Green pages.

The photo at the top shows the products now awailable on the Nature-market and the photo below shows the entrepreneur Gígja Kj. Kvam. The label is the certifying label of Tún (English: pasture) which is used for organic and sustainable harvesting certification in Iceland.

Nov. 11, 2008
Guðrún Arndís Tryggvadóttir „Húðvörur frá Urtasmiðjunni á Náttúrumarkaði“, Náttú Nov. 11, 2008 URL: [Skoðað:July 25, 2024]
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