There are about 10,000 types of grasses worldwide. Among them are the types of grain e.g., oats, barley, wheat, rice and corn. Around 10,000 years ago as the value of seed was discovered, mankind started using those plants as food. From then on they have been the mainstay of the human diet. Since the settlement of Iceland, dry hay has been used as winter feed for sheep and cattle. The grasses in the summer and the hay in the winter are converted into meat and milk that has been so important for keeping us alive.

April 18, 2010
Valgeir Bjarnason
Valgeir Bjarnason „Hey og gras“, Náttú April 18, 2010 URL: [Skoðað:July 25, 2024]
Efni má nota eða vitna í samkvæmt almennum venjum sé heimilda getið með slóð eða fullri tilvitnun hér að ofan.
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