Transport is a huge concept that applies to lots of things that are not all apparent. Under the label of transport we can assign traffic systems for cars, cycling, the road system and even all kinds of logistical issues. Transport also takes place outside of the road system, i.e. flight transport, shipping, telecommunications, the internet, including all interactions on the internet plus mail and telephone services. Transport and telecommunications are therefore joined concepts in modern societies, concepts which are both material and electronic in nature, besides involving a lot of real human communication and interaction.

The private car creates a huge problem in western societies. An ordinary gasoline using car releases carcinogenic substances through the exhaust pipe, including such “delicacies” as toluene, benzene, formaldehyde and PAH´s. It is therefore extremely unhealthy to inhale exhaust from traffic. In some ways the composition of chemicals can be said to be similar to the chemicals found in tobacco smoke.

It is possible to select cars which release less toxic chemicals and use less gasoline, for instance hybrid cars, methane, ethanol and hydrogen driven cars (when they become more common). Plug-in electric cars have been introduced and are becoming a real buying option on the market. They can be plugged into an electric socket at night and in the morning they will be ready to use. Everything indicates that the world is awakening from a  deep environmentally unaware sleep and that much more environmentally friendly cars will be driving on the roads within just a couple of years.

But what can be done? According to experts, the only things to be done in this situation are to design a totally new type of environmentally friendly airplane and to decrease air traffic. Even now, it is possible to use large turbo flight engines instead of jet engines or open propellers. By using turbo engines the fuel use can already be diminished by one third.

It can be more environmentally friendly to travel inside one´s own country, than to travel across much of the globe. Take time to discover the wonder´s of Icelandic nature. Experience your country. It is an excellent idea to combine travelling by car with bicycling and hiking.

Where public transport is available, it should be used. To take a bus can be a much more comfortable journey than driving yourself and it is certainly more environmentally friendly. There is a continuing discussion going on now about how to encourage people to step out of the private car and use public transport. After students were given free bus fares in several municipalities the buses were again filled with people which is seen a very positive development.

We were however, born with two feet, and in general, walking or hiking is one of the healthiest workouts available. It is no secret that by jogging or hiking we transport ourselves from one point to another. So, let´s use our feet to walk, jog, run, hike or bicycle.

July 19, 2013
Einar Einarsson
Einar Einarsson „Samgöngur“, Náttú July 19, 2013 URL: [Skoðað:April 15, 2024]
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