Wherever you work it is important to discern the environmental impact of your office. In fact, almost everything that goes for the home office is also valid in the workplace.

The use of computers and all kinds of equipment are very important in the office. Even though computers are fantastic gadgets, the consensus is that their production can have a devastating environmental impact. The combination of acquiring natural resources needed for the production of raw materials, transport of material between continents and the production process itself all create a wave of negative environmental impacts.

Regarding the office itself, air in it can become ‘electrostatic’ when it’s a confined space containing many instruments. Dry air and radiation from computer screens can have a negative impact on health and therefore it is very important to air the office regularly. One sturdy green plant can clean the air and therefore should be standard equipment.

Energy use can, of course, become significant if many appliances are run at once or constantly on standby. 

May 16, 2014
Náttúran er
Náttúran er „Skrifstofan“, Náttúran.is: May 16, 2014 URL: http://www.nature.is/d/2007/06/26/skrifstofan/ [Skoðað:July 24, 2024]
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skrifað: June 26, 2007
breytt: May 16, 2014