Endurvinnslan Ltd (Recycling Centre for deposit containers) sponsored the project in the fall of 2007, and became the first company to do so. Nature.is aims to provide detailed information about recycling and possibilities of disposing waste throughout the country. Every product on Nature's Market comes with the so-called Fenúr markings that give information about how to dispose of its packaging and contents in an as environmentally friendly way as possible. See also the site of Endurvinnslan.

Nature.is greatly appreciates this support!

April 25, 2007
Guðrún Arndís Tryggvadóttir „Endurvinnslan - styrkir Náttúruna“, Náttúran.is: April 25, 2007 URL: http://www.nature.is/d/2007/05/07/endurvinnslan-styrktaraili-nttrunnar/ [Skoðað:Dec. 5, 2022]
Efni má nota eða vitna í samkvæmt almennum venjum sé heimilda getið með slóð eða fullri tilvitnun hér að ofan.
skrifað: May 7, 2007
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